Hakka Village @ Seri Kembangan

    iniSeri Kembangan is truly a hidden gem with fantistic Chinese Food like hakka yong tau foo, paper wrap chicken, pan mee, spicy soup, to name a few! I was exposed to this place during my University Days in Cyberjaya, very lucky indeed!
    Hakka cuisine is characterized by its saltiness (from the use of soy and preserved vegetables), fattiness (associated with its many pork dishes), and rich aromas (from the use of spices like star anise and five-spice and pungent ingredients like black beans and fermented bean curd).
    (Extracted from Eating Asia’s A Big Feed Under The Big Tree).
    Other than Hakka Lui Cha, Hakka Yong Tao Fu, Hakka Stewed Pork with Black Fungus( Cha Yuk), my knowings on Hakka cuisine is only remain still. Hakka Village is one of the famous eateries in SK other than Restoran Leong Yah Indah. Their crispy skin pork trotters is a MUST ORDER item but we are not having it this time, worrying that it would scared the koreans off.

    Group Picture – Strictly for Girls

    Needless to say more, their food is fantastic without burning a hole in your pocket. The total bill came about RM 150 for 14 person. Even the Koreans can’t stop telling us that Chinese Food in Malaysia is Delicious! I will definitely go back if we are dining as group because we can explore on more dishes with more people.

    Next stop, Putrajaya…

    Awwww..I miss you gals..Anio~!


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