Terengganu Specialties – Kak Yah Keropok Lekor @ Losong

    Keropok is cracker made of fish which is ground to a paste then mixed with sago before it is steamed and later deep fried. It is the snack instead of a proper meal and sometimes is served as the snack before meal.
    Keropok is easily found elsewhere in Kuala Terengganu, from the stalls beside the road to restaurants or market. If you wish to bring home some, go to the Central Market for dried keropok or fresh in Losong who is famous with largest Museum in Malaysia and its keropok.
    Kak Yah’s stall is the most popular at Losong, prof of that is Kak Yah magnificents house located next to her stall. (Information from Terengganu tourism)

    It can be eaten either when it is steamed or deep fried, both give different taste. The long chewy ones are called keropok lekor while the thin crispy are called keping, means slice. Both the keropok is usually eaten with chili dip.

    Kak Yah’s stall is so famous that they came out with come commercialize packeted specialties from Terengganu, such as ready to eat keropok, salted fish and dry sate fish.

    Pictures are stricly prohibited beyond the processing area. They used to process and pack the keropoks at a small corner of the store front. Now that they have gain their fame and expanded so much, they shall keep the procedures and processes to themselves. Keropok can almost resembles terengganu now, let it be fried lekor or steamed lekor, white coloured lekor or gray coloured lekor.

    Satar is another fish snack in Terengganu Malay cuisine. It is mixture of pounded fish, shallots and ginger wrapped in banana leaf, pierce of few by 1 single bamboo stick then barbecue over low fire. Boolicous from masak-masak has a great review on it.


    • littleguykitchen says:

      hmmm have you tried the sauce that goes with it? How about some vacation places in your hometown? Hope kampungboy can recommend sikit. 🙂

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Oh~ The sauce diff among the keropok stalls there… me n citygal personally prefer “steamed keropok” cilipadi… 😀

      Sorry.. forgot to make a short intro about “Terengganu”… Basically only Redang Island is worth visiting… (Personal Opinion)..

    • boo_licious says:

      Yum! I love keropok Lekor. I usually just get some on the way back from Cherating at the roadside. Heard stories abt how people become millionaires selling this too.

    • kat says:

      Oooohhh..I love lekor. Can’t easily find good ones in KL. I’ve only found 2 stalls..one stall next to SS2 Balai Bomba and one at Tmn Bayu Perdana Klang. Can you recommend any other places?

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Boo: Yea!! The star had an article about how they bcome rich..esp the owner of kak yah’s stall..

      Kat: If u ask me, of coz i still think that lekor fr east coast are the best..So i haven try out any around kl..Thanks for the places that u recommend..

    • tekko says:

      yea.. the good one really tastes good. but sometimes i just worry about the ingredients of lekor.

    • elvera-isiah-3371 says:

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    • hazel says:

      i love keropok lekor.. terrengganu 1 is the most delicious~~ there are many keropok stalls.. kinda miss it..

    • Anonymous says:

      Anybody have kak yah phone no? please let me know. Thanks

    • ganukite says:

      saya rase kropok kakyah perlu diproses secara manual semula(gentel) bukannya gunakan mesin seperti sekarang.ini kerana kropok yang digentel secara manual lebih kenyal dan enak bila dikunyah….
      sebabtu,ramai orng telah beralih ke kopok adikberadik yang kedainya sebelah kdai kakyah…ini kerana proses buat kopok disitu masih lagi secara manual…

    • faizal says:

      mcm mana nak order klau dduk n.9 da penhantaran

    • Nur Yasmin says:

      hurm..boleh tak, kalau nak buat lawatan kat kilang memproses keropok lekor?
      ade tugasan folio? hurm??

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