Happy Birthday to June~!~

Day 1: Early celebration took place at our house

A lovely card handmade by Lee Ping. Happy 21st birthday and all the best to ya babe!

Sweet couple – June & Wai Kit

Indulgence from Secret Recipe – The ultimate indulgence for chocolate lover

Cupcakes from Wondermilk

Even the box is sweet and lovely!

Day 2: Dinner @ Screaming Banana, Phileo Damansara

Chia Ling and me in the car

A candid shot of our driver Yi Chang and his ” aheeeeemmmm “Su Yen

The place is nicely decorated with gold organza flow, ballons, wine bottles and candles.

The set menu of the night – 3 course meal with price ranges from RM 15 to RM 28

Mushroom soup with garlic bread – The soup is creamy with chunks of mushroom. The croutons and garlic bread enhances the flavor in some way. This is just my kind of soup!

The guys are giving a mushroom toast to the birthday girl

Ceasar Salad – Nothing fantastic except fot the croutons and bacons. I would love it with some mustard and cognac

Dory with Orange Carrot Citrus

Peppery Corn Steak

Norwegian Salmon with Cream Dill

Peppery Chicken CHop

Chicken with Tomato Taragon Sauce

Italian Seafood Spaghetthi

Wholesome Seafood Platter

Our theme: Glamorous Post – I’m trying hard to post like a model..Hahaha..

The guys are real good posers and DANCERS! Huplim(the guy holding candle) and Alan(the guy staring back) did some strip dancing to keep the birthday girl entertain (Of course they didn’t really strip). Kenny(the guy with pink shirt) is the greatest entertainer with his signature animal dance.

Everyone had a great time there, the food is nothing to shout about, but they have friendly staff and lovely environment and we truly enjoy great companion from each other.

Happy birthday to June! Have a great year ahead with fun, laughter and smile!

Screaming Banana Cafe & Catering

Unit 110, Block C, Phileo Damansara 1

No. 9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,

46350 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 603-76607319

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  1. zongz says:

    just wan to say
    HAPPY BDAY MOM!! :) )


  2. Honey Star says:

    oh lord!!!! look at those cupcakes….how to resist. How is it? goody?


  3. minnieooi says:

    the cupcakes are nice to see.. but not really nice to eat.. just so so.. maybe other patterns may taste nicer.. its a bit sweet :)


  4. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Zongz: To ur berat sebelah mum??

    Honeystar: yah agree with minnie..it’s a bit too sweet..but they are reli adorable!


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