FE Gathering @ Waterlily Cafe

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We are having our first ever Financial Engineering gathering HERE. It was a joyful event with laughter, nice food and cosy environtment. I’m just looking forward for the second, third and coming gathering where we could get together and have some fun! (Chai Hong, U Shek Do La!)

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The ratio of Male vs Female in my class is 1:8, so basically girls dominated all the pictures. Do let me know if you want their contacts. I might consider it if you buy me a meal!

Wee Chia, Eu Shing, Jeannie, June, Ai Li and City Gal

Audrey, Yen Ting, Mun Lin, Adeline, Wan Yin and Yun Kuan

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(Top) Wan Yin, Cecilia, Mun Lin, Yoon Kuan, Cham Yam, Suyen (Below) Cha Li, Eu Shing, Ai Li, Chai Hoong, Me

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(Top) Bey Ni, Yen Ting, Poh Yu, Wan Yin, Wee Chia, Eu Shing (Below) Chian Wern, Jolyn, Me, Lay Yee, Audrey

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Our lecturer is popular among the girls..We forced him to stretch and lay his hands on the girls’ shoulders and he blushes instantly..

Please do not be surprise at the sight of this! They are the minority odds in my class, or you can say few of the near extinction male spesies surrounded by female spesies all day long. (Standing) Souffi, John, Vincent, Kevin and ehhhh why is Aaron missing in action?

Ooooo Aoran and a couple of friends sneaked out to get HIM a birthday cake! Happy belated birthday to our lecturer, Mr. Thong! He taught us three killer subjects – TDE, TSP and TNA but with his great generosity, we managed to survived!

OK let’s get back to the food..Waterlily Cafe needs no furthur introduction as quite a number of food bloggers had reviewed about it before and this is like my fourth visit there..Their grilled item is the best thing to order as they use some Balinese spices to marinate the meat..These pictures are feast for the eyes..

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  1. Kampungboy says:

    Kampungboy = Driver
    Muahaha~ Next time must treat me d…


  2. boo_licious says:

    Poor kampungboy – think you better demand payback soon!


  3. boo_licious says:

    Interesting to note abt the course you are taking as Financial Engineering seems to be very specialised. Is this a new course and is MMU the only place offering it?


  4. Joan Chew says:

    i see bey ni’s face there… wee.. but the photo a little blur le…

    i prefer the food at bumbu bali, dont u think so it’s nicer there?? and i see u have lotsa picturs… they didnt stop u ar?


  5. Jackson says:

    since u hv so many preety coursemate, any single ladies to intorduce??? Hehe..


  6. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Boo: He volunteered!! From what I know, National University of Singapore offer this as well..It’s a very challenging course!!

    Joan: Yeah I sucks at using night mode..I prefer bumbu bali too but the outdoor space of waterlily make it a good spot for gathering

    Jackson: Just pick one and i’ll introduce~! :p


  7. fooDcrazEE says:

    wah ! a lot of leng lui….can intro ? chuckle !

    *bini twist my ear* ouch


  8. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Foodcrazee: Hahahah Padan Muka


  9. Jackson says:

    i want all!!! LOL


  10. Radicalz says:

    den can help me ar? :D


  11. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Jackson: greedy fella!! hahahaha

    Rad: U just need one of them


  12. Radicalz says:

    haha, me juz want dat “1″ onli mar.. :D


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