Stone BBQ King @ Seri Kembangan


I was browsing through my picture folders and realized that I tonnes of pictures yet to be posted up. I'm sorry because there were too many events, gatherings and parties going on for the pass few months. I'll try to update regularly ok? This is another steamboat place at Seri Kembangan yet to be discovered! They are having this special promotion in conjunction with their new opening at RM 18.80 … [Read more...]

Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery Revisited


Jo- A place one has to go.Go- The palace in which a king lives.Ya- A shop in Japanese culture.We are back but with more people and fun this time! KgBoy society mate had chosen this place for their annual dinner and being an outsider, I shamelessly tagged along! (Actually it was upon KgBoy's request, and I have no reason to reject because he will foot the bill)It's a pricey annual dinner though, … [Read more...]

FE Gathering @ Waterlily Cafe


We are having our first ever Financial Engineering gathering HERE. It was a joyful event with laughter, nice food and cosy environtment. I'm just looking forward for the second, third and coming gathering where we could get together and have some fun! (Chai Hong, U Shek Do La!)The ratio of Male vs Female in my class is 1:8, so basically girls dominated all the pictures. Do let me know if you want … [Read more...]

What’s for Tea? Bite Size Club Sandwich and Bacon Wrapped Enoki


Take time during the tea to have each person share their special cup or a special tea time memory. I still remember how my mum take her own sweet time to prepare the family tea. It would be very local with some Hainanese Kopi O, nyonya kueh, banana fritters and apam balik. Me myself prefer something western as the preparation is less trouble some. Bacon wrapped enoki is the cross over of east and … [Read more...]

Souled Out Cafe & Bar @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Souled out is one of the famous cafe bar in KL where everyone knows about it. Other than coctails, wines and beers, they have an extensive array of western, local and northen india cuisine that cater to different tastebuds. However, the most highly demanded item would be their wood oven pizza. Too bad that we were to full for anything after the feast at Murni's. Free car jockey service..Good eh? … [Read more...]

Restoran Sri Murni @ SS2


I believed that Murni SS2 needs no furthur introduction. They have the most extensive menu among all the other mamak, you name it, they have it. My friends told me that William's at Tmn Mayang Baru PJ (Beside old Lim Kok Weng) is another unique mamak stall with specialties such as bacon and mozzerella naan, pasta cabonara and triple H. Ok, back to murni, even though there's a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Bar BQ Plaza @ One Utama New Wing Revisited


Bar BQ Plaza is a franchise originated from Bangkok and they opened their first outlet in Malaysia at Lot 338a,1st Floor,Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. For me it's more like Korean Steamboat with 2 in 1 steamboat and grilling. So it's a Thai restaurant which serves Korean Steamboat in Malaysia. Globalization is the IN thing now! If you find this place new, read my older post for the step by … [Read more...]

The Famous Salt Baked Chicken


Salt-baked Chicken loosely translated 'Yim gouk kai' in Cantonese. This dish is prepared by using paper to wrap the chicken with salt and chinese herbs such as Dong Guai and Gei Zhi (wolfberry) and covered with salts in a big oven. With this cooking technique, the meat will not lose its tenderness and the essence of chicken can be preserved as well. The combination of salt and herbs gives the meat … [Read more...]

"Genuine" Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Kuala Terengganu


Hainan Chicken Rice, it is one of the most popular everyday meal served in food stalls and eateries all over Malaysia and Singapore. Singaporeans even claimed the rice dish as their national dish! It was brought here by the Chinese immigrants from Hainan. Now that it has evolved with some elements of local culinary. What makes Hainanese Chicken Rice so Hainanese?Chicken - The chicken is prepared … [Read more...]

Terengganu Specialties – Kak Yah Keropok Lekor @ Losong


Keropok is cracker made of fish which is ground to a paste then mixed with sago before it is steamed and later deep fried. It is the snack instead of a proper meal and sometimes is served as the snack before meal.Keropok is easily found elsewhere in Kuala Terengganu, from the stalls beside the road to restaurants or market. If you wish to bring home some, go to the Central Market for dried keropok … [Read more...]