Restaurant Hoppy @ Dataran Mentari Sunway

    We met up with KampungBoy’s aunt family for dinner at this place, HOPPY Restaurant which is originated from Johor Baru. It was started by a Chan family in the 1980s.
    Today, they have added three branches in SS2 in Petaling Jaya, Dataran Mentari in Sunway and Desa Aman in Kepong and four more in Johor.
    Hoppy has become popular the past two decades due to its traditional recipes for making herbal roasted duck in three styles — Szechuan-style or with ginseng and dong guai (both Chinese herbs). (Information from Sun2Surf)
    Apart from that, they are good in seafood and home cooked dishes. You can always see that this place is jammed pack with buses and buses of tourists if you dine in. A lil tips here, if you are on rush, just order the same dishes as the tourists.

    Greens to balanced up the meaty fatty meal..

    Char Siew..I prefer char siew with layers of fats and lean meat just like this

    Herbal Roasted Duck.. Love the aroma of Tong Kwai..

    Sambal Squid..Hmmmmm no wonder they are roasted duck specialist

    Steamed fish with pounced ginger..No comment

    Taufu with Crab Meat in Claypot..Good stuff and great eaten with white rice..

    Recommendation: Their best dishes would be roasted duck pork and chicken. It will cost you less than RM 10 per person if you stick with that. Their home cooked dishes and seafood dishes are nothing to shout about.


    • Kampungboy says:

      Hehe~ Thanks “Ah Ku’ for the treat… 😀

    • boo_licious says:

      I like their wantan noodles with duck. No pix of the giant duck?

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Boo: Hahahh forgot to take

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