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    Jesscet from MalayMail contacted us couple of weeks ago as our joint blog is related to her article “Time for Two”. Check it out here. Hmmm it’s about some interesting stuff or activities that couple could indulge in and it sparkles up your relationship indirectly! Other than joint blogging, she featured couples work out and doing rock climbing together. Here is our part in the article (Print Screen from www.mmail.com.my):

    Chin Wei Zhi and Lim Dao Feng, both 21, are second-year students from Multimedia University Cyberjaya
    Wei Zhi and Dao Feng have gone out together for almost two years, and share a common passion – food. They are proud owners of a food-based blog called KampungboyCitygal (http://kampungboycitygal.blogspot.com).
    “Both of us are food lovers and we want to share our personal experiences of dining out and food recipes through our blog,” says Wei Zhi who is from Ipoh.
    The blog includes published food reviews on restaurants around the Klang Valley and Ipoh; quick and easy recipes for students, and snippets of the couple’s lives.
    Wei Zhi writes food reviews because she enjoys expressing her thoughts on the food she has tasted. Dao Feng is the photographer and photo editor as he says he has the artsy gene in him.
    Has their relationship improved through their blog?
    “Definitely! We used to be conservative in our food choices. But as food bloggers, we became more adventurous in trying out new food. In the process, we got to spend more time together, in among other ways, replying to our readers’ comments and choosing pictures to upload on our blog. Overall, it has improved the communication between us,” she says.
    They agree that blogging is now a trend among young couples.
    “It doesn’t have to be a food-based blog. They can blog about their personal lives and shared interests, such as sports, movie and music – to add spark to their love life!” quips Wei Zhi.
    Wei Zhi and Dao Feng find it exciting knowing that people enjoy reading their blog.
    “We get compliments from friends and family and we have made new friends through our blog. In fact, some of our friends use our blog as a dining guide and sometimes my mum actually refers to my recipes found online,” says Wei Zhi.
    Thanks to Jess from Malay Mail that fitted us into the article. We are overwhelmed by sms from relatives and friends that saw us on the paper. Eventhough it’s not something about the hottest male and female bloggers or the best food blog, we are just as flattered. It just meant something for us, that all our hard work and time dedicated to this blog for the pass 6 months is getting noticed. I’ll reserve the thank you speech for our blog’s 1 year annivessary then. Big warm hugzzz to everyone!


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