Jam Filled Cheese Tart

My cravings for something sweet have been constant and hard to ignore, especially after my meal. I just need something SWEET to flush down the smell of onions garlic and ginger that stays in my mouth. Weirdo! Like any other addiction, sugar intake can be a tough one to kick.So this time I adapted this blueberry cheese tart recipe from Jo’s Deli and Bakery for my sinful cravings.

Instead of blueberry filling, I made use of the st dalfour’s fruit jam sitting in the fridge. I found some recipes that make our life much easier too! Pastry that use cracker crust is the perfect foil for the cheese filling. All you have to do is process the crackers finely, add in cream butter and sugar, and finally bake it under 180 degree for 15 min.

I try using both fire at the first 10 minutes and then turn to bottom fire only later as suggested by the recipe from Jo’s Deli and Bakery. The cheese filling turn out just nice.

Tada! Looks awful but tastes good! Love the soft and airycream filling and the juicy fruit compote. I made all four flavours of tart – black cheery, wild blueberry, thick cut orange and raspberry. Guess the way you arrange food on a plate is just as important as the way it tastes. Presentation is crucial to attract people, especially young kids like my sisters that goes “Ewwwww izzit edible?” *Sniff*

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  • boo_licious says:

    Awww, never mind! She does not know what she is missing. It looks yummy to me and the recipe sounds easy.

  • littleguykitchen says:

    ooo i like those cute small bottles. blue berries gimme the blues heart. *sniff sniff

  • kat says:

    Looks nice!! The ones I get from the bakery are not nice at all!! Very little cheese and ‘hard’ with too much flour! I think I will try out your recipe with blackcurrant jam.

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    Kat: Hie thanks for the compliments..Yeah..They tend to be too flourly..

  • gerard-elvis-644 says:

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