Ipoh Food Search – The battle of curry mee

    Apparently you have to make a stop in Ipoh for a bowl of spicy curry mee if you are craving for some. Xin Quan Fang ??? and Sun Seng Fatt dominate the ‘curry mee market’ in Ipoh with their wide press coverage and familiarity among non locals. Sun Seng Fatt’s commercially packeted curry can now be found in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They had a branch in PJ in which Boolicious reviewed before.

    There are some new comers or small places with little fame that sells nice curry mee too, to name a few Hollywood Canning Garden and Nam Chao Old Town.

    Please bear in mind not to walk to the frontl expecting them to take your orders, unless you want to be scolded so much! This applies to most FAMOUS specialty shop in Ipoh. They never bother whether you are annoyed by the long waiting hours, they just have too many customers that keep coming back!

    You can find framed newspaper coverage about them around..

    The dipping sauce with garlics, onions, chillis and LARDS. I personally think that the artery clogging lard laden sauce make them stand out as the famous place for curry mee. Imagine dipping the shred chickens, roasted pork and prawns with this, you get full mouth of OIL and great satisfaction within.

    Most patrons would have the combination of chicken, roasted pork, prawn and ipoh taugeh with the curry mee. It ranged from RM 3 to RM 5 depends on the portion. My greedy family ordered extra LIUS that came seperately.

    The curry mee has a strong smell of some Indian spices and no doubt they added great amount of santan that make it so rich and aromatic.

    Xin Quan Fang (‘Ma-Da-Liu Curry Mee’)
    Used opposite the new town police station which have now move across the road

    Sun Seng Fatt
    No. 23, Jalan Market,Ipoh, Perak
    No. 28, Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


    • Jee says:

      Ma-Da-Liu Curry Mee.. right that’s one of Ipoh’s best. Although I’m not a curry lover I still visit there once in a while when I’m back in Ipoh.

      That’s another shop famous for their Hakka Mee, just the other corner of the shop lots.

    • Lucas Chong says:

      jee is right on the hakka mee one…love it so much

      by the way, i prefer nam chau’s curry mee…

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Jee: Yeah..The hakka mee is quite famous too

      Lucas: Reli? Nam Chao’s owner is my mummy’s fren..Hahhaha..Its quite new right..

    • fooDcrazEE says:


    • Tummythoz says:

      Noticed the shoplot bearing Sun Seng Fatt’s name at PJ is now called something else. They’ve closed shop or moved?

    • Lucas Chong says:

      yeah, really…i love it so much. if curry mee, i sure go there only.

      the boss also my mum’s friend. haha =) after all, ipoh is so so so so so small…

    • kat says:

      Is this the kon-loh curry mee? Can’t find anything like it other than in Ipoh. Where else can you find noodles with chicken, siew yok and prawn in a yummy curry sauce?? The lard..yes!! That is what makes it soooo good!! I WANNA GO BACK TO IPOH NOW!!!

    • FLeng says:

      Xin Quan Fang’s curry mee is the best for my hubby & me. We never leave Ipoh without having a bowl or 2 on our food pilgrimage. Was there only on Merdeka Day and it was packed as usual but the wait was worth it!
      They should have a number system like some food outlets that just call out your No, instead of the present standing near a table and waiting for the occupants to finish and leave; not very pleasant for the occupants whom somehow will feel hurried with people watching & waiting so near them.
      For your info, the Hakka mee at the opposite corner is no more there, now being occupied by Ipoh Foodstuffs like Hiong Pean or something like that.

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