Ipoh Food Search – Tea Time Anyone?

    The city also has an abundance of jungle topepd hills making it well known as the “Hill City”. In the early days Kinta Valley tin rush brought an influx of Chinese immigrants to Ipoh. Many made fortunes and built opulent town houses. You can admire these houses in the old town area, where the Indians are having a ‘Little India ‘of their own.The Chinese have created what is now, one of the Malaysia’s best-preserved Chinatowns, the Old Town. And, still the Ipoh coffee in Old Town is the best so far. Save praise for that coffee. (Info from http://www.heritage.com.my/ipoh/)
    Pride of Ipohan – White Coffee..Sun Yuen Loong and Sun Yuen Foong’s one are more to the bitterly and sourly side..Nam Heong’s one are more to the milkier and sweeter side..It depends on your taste actually..I prefer Nam Heong’s one myself but patrons would opt for Sun Yuen Loong or Sun Yuen Foong because of the varieties of food stalls..

    Raddish Cake and Popiah..Theres assortments of kueh caters to everyone at the lil stall infront..(RM1.20)

    Indian style of Fried noodles in typical Malaysian fashion – with a dash of spice, a dose of hospitality and plenty of lip-smacking taste! (RM 2.50)

    Toast with Swipes of Kaya and Butter..They sliced the bread into half, making it thinner and crunchier..None of those that I tried in KL beat this.. (RM0.70)
    He seems happy with some little promo of his dad’s stalls..His sheepish smile cheer me up too..

    Everyone is amazed by the LOW price and HIGH quality food in Ipoh..By the way, Ipoh people wouldn’t waste their money on COSTLY and LOUSY food..Call them picky or thrifty but it’s just our culture..


    • boo_licious says:

      I quite like these beef noodles too but I have such horrible pixs of them taken on my temp Sony. Must visit them again to take pixs.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Boo: The beef sauce is sooooo nice..Will make second visit definitely

    • babe_kl says:

      forget about ngau kee, dats lousy these days.

      if you go lai foong, must try the soup noodle with lai fun.

      another one you must try is soong kee at jalan silang, next to maybank (jalan yap ah loy), or opposite RHB). there have been in the biz for aeons!!! this one i like the dry one with sang meen.

      the other one i personally liked is a push cart at the lane between chinatown hawker centre and HLB (back). it’s only open at nite.

      gud luck 😉

    • boo_licious says:

      Hey congrats on the new template. Much better than the old one which had dissapearing text whenever one scrolls down.

      I read you’re famous bloggers? So when and where is the article coming out?

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Babe: Thanks for the tips..Only open at nite..Great for owls like us

      Boo: Yeah..so sorry for the incovenience..No ler Now i feel shy..Its just happen that our blog suits the article title not becoz of we are famous or what..And guess what the journalist Is your fren Jess !

    • Lucas Chong says:


    • boo_licious says:

      eh, don’t put yrself down – you have nice blog. Remember to put up article ok? Is this for Malay Mail?

    • Radicalz says:

      Boo: the disappearing text happens when u are using ie, try using firefox coz no probs..

    • girl_girl says:

      i’m also from ipoh…
      if u wan to eat a good popiah u can go to ipoh garden east ‘tung koi’ …

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