Ipoh Food Search – "Menglembu Wai Shek Kai"

    Menglembu is a small town 10 to 15 minutes drive from Ipoh Town. It is an easy to get there as what you have to do is just follow the sign board from Ipoh Town and you will know that you are in Menglembu when u reach upon a roundabout with two big PEANUTS. Yes! In the older days Menglembu is significant and well known for its kacang. However sadly to say those peanuts in packet that can be found elsewhere were not from Menglembu anymore.
    Menglembu wai shek gai used to be a happening place where you have to squeeze through the crowds to get your food. With fancy eateries growing like mushroom after the rain around Ipoh town, wai shek kai has failed to attract as much people as it did last time.
    This is not a very bad thing after all because the food stalls here are those that remain strong despite the loss of old customers. The next time you are around Ipoh town, do hop over for some really nice food. Please do not scold me for the lack of varieties ya!

    The very very famous honey roasted chicken. I saw people ordering it in bulks! Is it for party purpose or it’s just finger licking good that they can gulped them down?

    Their chickens are just WONDERFUL!

    Other than the famous honey chicken, they have fried chicken, fried chicken livers, fried chicken neck, fried chicken legs and bags of fried chicken skin!! (I need some guts for that)

    Remember to dip your chicken parts with the honey sauce hidden beneath. We had two whole legs as these are the most tender part.

    These fried chicken are real good too! It’s hard to keep the skin crispy while the meat remain tender but WONDERFUL did it!

    The popiah is a bit dissappointing because it would be utterly tasteless without the chilli sauce and sweet sauce.

    The very famous miniature wantan mee with RM 1.60 for one. Even small eater can finished it in few seconds. The mee is nothing extraordinary.

    The wantans that came with it are good. Maybe next time I shall order miniature wantan mee with extra extra extra wantans!

    My favourite tong sui – Ching Bou Leong (RM 1.50). Very refreshing indeed!


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