Bukit Tambun Seafood

    What flashes across your mind when it comes to cheap and fresh seafood? For my family, the word Bukit Tambun came out without second thought. It took us about 10 minutes from the Bukit Tambun PLUS exit to get there.

    Bukit Tambun is flanked by a river mouth on the right, so the restaurants have supply of fresh catch all the year round. The home-grown restaurants mushroomed over the years and Gee Seng is the pioneer. It has always been the first option for tourists due to its fame.

    We found a hidden gem beyond the residential area this time. Park your car opposite Gee Seng and walk your way into the housing area as the road is too small for any car to goes in. See? Even the map from sun2surf missed out this place!

    It is mandatory for the kids in my family to have coconut with seafood or satay or any type of ‘heaty’ food.

    Stir Fry Mee Sua. Its actually vermicelli made from wheat flour and it symbolises longevity. This is so good that we had a second serving. They never skim on the ingredients as the taste of prawns, salted fish, deep fried lards and taugeh linger in our mouth.

    It seems like every visior to Bkt Tambun will have this – thik teng (some kind of snails with spikes). Toothpick poking is fun!

    The dipping sauce for Thik Teng. The sauce are so good that my mum bought their sambal belacan back for her home cooking.

    You can’t go wrong with Deep Fried Calamary as its everyone’s favourite!

    Steamed String Ray with Tom Yam Sauce – First thought is their portion is just too big for any family size but surprisingly my younger sisters managed to finish it all!

    Kam Heong Crabs

    Look at the chock-full of crab meat and the layers of roes! Mum and Dad are allowed for only one small piece due to the high content of cholesterol. Hehehehe so in the end I’m the most satisfied soul!

    Some decent dessert after the srumptious seafood.. Jellies from the storefront of Gee Seng


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    • littleguykitchen says:

      wow u couples really do go places. btw can i refer in summary ur dining experiences in my blog with pics as well as i would like to dedicate more of these at my column. I would need to ask you 2 for permissions.

      If u like good seafood and cheap, kuala selangor is a place to go and you get to enjoy strolling down the beach too. Good for couples. 😉 The place to go is those wooden restaurants built above the sea but beside seashore.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Littleguykitchen: Yeah ur feel free to do so..We’d love to share our dining n kitchen experiences with everyone..

      Whoa..Thanks for the suggestion..We tried sekinchan’s (A fishing village near k selangor) seafood and i believe that this is as good

    • Tummythoz says:

      Love crabbies! Heard the locals there prefer Batu Kawan, B. Tambun’s neighbour. Less touristy so better pricing.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      tummythoz: Heard of batu kawan b4 but never been there..Wah..Better pricing than bkt tambun then it must be super duper cheap

    • Jin's kitchen says:

      Citygal, after see this post, it makes me miss home again. Tambun is just 20 mins frm my home.Next time u can try order their tomyam laksa as well. It is full of seafood and the taste will not looser than the Thai Laksa.:D

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Jin’s kitchen: thanks for the tips! SOmething new for me to try out

    • ciaociao says:

      Actually just to correct you that bukit tambun and nibong tebal is in penang state not in kedah.

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