Native Fruit – Buah Salak


Salak, also known as snake fruit due to the brown scaled skin. It is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruit grow in clusters at the base of the palm.They are about the size and shape of a ripe fig. Just like manggis, the fruit consists of lobes, with large seed inside each lobes. It has a hint of sweet and sourish taste and the texture is firm and crunchy, just like apple and pear. If you are … [Read more...]

Ipoh Food Search – The battle of curry mee


Apparently you have to make a stop in Ipoh for a bowl of spicy curry mee if you are craving for some. Xin Quan Fang ??? and Sun Seng Fatt dominate the 'curry mee market' in Ipoh with their wide press coverage and familiarity among non locals. Sun Seng Fatt's commercially packeted curry can now be found in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They had a branch in PJ in which Boolicious reviewed before.There are … [Read more...]

Chilled Oreo Cheesecake


It was my younger sister's 18th birthday last week and it happens that I'm in the mood for some whisking and stirring. So I came out with an chilled oreo cheecake that noone can resists. I'm so glad that it was a hit among her friends. Sis, wishing you a birthday as lovely as you are, as special as the things you do, and as happy as the times we've shared together. Ingredients For … [Read more...]

Jam Filled Cheese Tart


My cravings for something sweet have been constant and hard to ignore, especially after my meal. I just need something SWEET to flush down the smell of onions garlic and ginger that stays in my mouth. Weirdo! Like any other addiction, sugar intake can be a tough one to kick.So this time I adapted this blueberry cheese tart recipe from Jo's Deli and Bakery for my sinful cravings. Instead of … [Read more...]

Bukit Tambun Seafood


What flashes across your mind when it comes to cheap and fresh seafood? For my family, the word Bukit Tambun came out without second thought. It took us about 10 minutes from the Bukit Tambun PLUS exit to get there.Bukit Tambun is flanked by a river mouth on the right, so the restaurants have supply of fresh catch all the year round. The home-grown restaurants mushroomed over the years and Gee … [Read more...]

Our Blog On Local Press


Jesscet from MalayMail contacted us couple of weeks ago as our joint blog is related to her article "Time for Two". Check it out here. Hmmm it's about some interesting stuff or activities that couple could indulge in and it sparkles up your relationship indirectly! Other than joint blogging, she featured couples work out and doing rock climbing together. Here is our part in the article (Print … [Read more...]

Ipoh Food Search – "Menglembu Wai Shek Kai"


Menglembu is a small town 10 to 15 minutes drive from Ipoh Town. It is an easy to get there as what you have to do is just follow the sign board from Ipoh Town and you will know that you are in Menglembu when u reach upon a roundabout with two big PEANUTS. Yes! In the older days Menglembu is significant and well known for its kacang. However sadly to say those peanuts in packet that can be found … [Read more...]

Ipoh Food Search – Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant


Sun Lee How Fook is one of the best banquet dining place(Usually for chinese wedding dinner and company functions) in Ipoh. Those that share the fame among Ipoh people are Overseas (opposite Excelsior hotel), Tong Hoi (Main: Menglembu Branch: Iph Garden South) and Mun Zhong (Pasir Puteh or Ipoh New Town). Coincidently, there was a function goin on that night and my parents get to enjoy the oldies … [Read more...]

Ipoh Food Search – Funny Mountain Soya Bean


If your stomach still has space after some scrumptious dim sum from Foh San, drop by at this little corner lot across the road from Foh San. Funny Mountain claims themselves as Tau Fu Fa (Soy bean curd) and Soy Milk specialists. It's a fact indeed as it has been here for the pass 20 years and their popularity among Ipoh people remains. Sometimes I wonder why wouldn't they make it big through … [Read more...]

"FOH SAN" Dim Sum


The ever famous Foh San dim sum is a famous haunt by tourists for some scrumptious and variety of dim sum. It is so famous that it had become a landmark for outstation people, like Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken is behind Foh San, Funny Mountain taufufah is opposite Foh San. But if you ask any Ipoh people, they will recommend Ming Court or Yoke Fook Moon instead of Foh San. A little advise here, either … [Read more...]

Ipoh Food Search – Tea Time Anyone?


Ipoh, the capital of the state of Perak in Malaysia, is situated in the Kinta Vally which was once the richest single tin field in the world. The city also has an abundance of jungle topepd hills making it well known as the "Hill City". In the early days Kinta Valley tin rush brought an influx of Chinese immigrants to Ipoh. Many made fortunes and built opulent town houses. You can admire … [Read more...]

Shin Kee Beef Noodles Specialist


Shin Kee Beef Noodles Specialist. Operating hour from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. We bear this in mind as we missed it during our first visit. We went there at 4 pm and of course theres no sight of the lady owner or smell of beef stew. The noodles came with a bowl of soup with slices scallion, tripes and beef balls. The soup is so good that we left not even a drip of it behind. Small noodles RM 4 and … [Read more...]