The Secret of French Toast Unveiled

    Some of you might be wondering what’s so mysterious about French Toast? Even six years old kiddos can make it by their own. It’s extremely easy, widely available and generally likeable. What about a piece of great frenchtoast? I used to make very good frenchtoast during my schooling day that my sisters craved for it every single day. I’m not bragging and boasting! It’s a fact indeed. Haha but it just gone rotten after years of slacking in practises.

    I just decided to tied up the apron and give myself a full practise of localized french toast on a nice Sunday morning.

    Ingredients needed: 1 Jumbo Sized Gardenia Bread (breads from those old school bakery with dry texture would be better), 5 large sized egg, 1 tbsp of milk with every eggs used (5 tbsp of full cream milk), dashes of sugar to taste, local brand condensed milk and butter.

    First in a big mixing bowl, crack in the eggs, add in the milk and sugar and beat them up. Next heat up a flat frying pan, add in some butter and let it melt. Dunk the bread with the beaten eggs, coating both side evenly. Fry the bread till it turn a bit brownish and crispy and finally serve with some condensed milk!

    1)Do not predip the bread with the beaten egg as the bread will get soaked up fast and the inner part will be undercooked while the surface of the bread is burnt. So just dip the bread few seconds before you wana get it fried.

    2)To get some smooth custard, filter the foamy bubbles arises from beating.

    3)Fry in slow fire! Patience is the key.

    4)Use day old bread. In my case, I store the fresh bread in my fridge overnight to get some harder and dry texture.

    It’s not as good as those that I made few years back. Hahaha. But still quite nice la, you can’t go wrong with french toast and condensed milk.


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