Sun Moulin @ One Utama

    KL folks are spoiled with the many choices of good cream puff..*Envy*..Other than the Riche Montana Bakery that I frequent, Sun Moulin has a lot of good stuff to be offered too..Of course you can’t step out from Sun Moulin without a pack of their choux puff with rich custard cream..

    Fresh from the oven..

    Adorable..Irresistable..They never skim on the custard..Should have bought more..Now I miss them so much..Its a delightful dessert with the perfect combination of choux puff and rish custard filling..

    So who won the battle of cream puff?? I ranked them in terms of quality and pricing ok?
    1. Riche Montana’s – RM 1 for a teeny weeny one..Their custard is just heavenly..
    2. Sun Moulin – Fresh and it is best consume within the day u bought it..But the choux puff is a bit dry..RM 3.60 for 2..
    3. Beard Papa’s – Overpriced (RM 3.50 for one) or I duno how to appreciate vanilla seeds?
    4. Jusco – RM 1.80 for one..Edible la..


    • Honey Star says:

      oohhh.. I luv Sun Moulin’s turkey ham pastries ( i cant remember the actual name) and the Strawberry cake looks so pretty…always tempted to get one but dont think i cant finish it myself. So huge!

      This place is sinful n evil!! 😛

    • whistler says:

      where is the Sun Moulin in 1U? old or new wing?
      I dont’ have chance to go south city plaza and I don’t think will go unless necessary.. so can’t try the riche montana..
      Agreed, Beard Papa’s is overpiced, and Jusco, edible hahaha.

    • boo_licious says:

      There’s also a Riche Monde in Ampang – near the Taiwan Hse place which I usually go to. Yeah, I love those cream puffs. If you like that try their jumbo puff which has fresh cream – this one is custard. Puff is also the crusty type like Beard Papa. This is the soft type like Riche Monde.

      Don’t know why but Sun Moulin at KLCC is still the best – their branches all not so great.

    • Joan Chew says:

      sun moulin rawks!!

      i love their breads!!! =)

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Honey Star: u can share it with us..Hehehe

      Whistler: Its in new wing..juz walk few steps after jusco..hmm..its opposite Yishion Fashion with big ass posters of Loius Koo N Cecelia..

      Boo: Whoa..Jumbo Puff..Haha..I cant differentiate which outlet is better cause I juz buy their puff..

      Joan: Hehe maybe i shud buy their breads too

    • fooDcrazEE says:

      dont fancy cream puff so i dont miss them

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