Restoran Cheang Kee @ Nibong Tebal

    Here we are at the Restoran Cheang Kee at Nibong Tebal. Just in case you didn’t know, Nibong Tebal is located in Penang state and it is well known paper milling. Another tourist attraction would be the Restoran Cheang Kee in old part of the town. Today we are one those people who flocks to the restaurant for its well known food. We reach here by 5pm odd. While waiting we were enjoying the sight of the swarm of swallows flying above us. Thank good none of their droppings got into our food and most importantly not on our glory crown.

    Cheang Kee’s shop is among the very old shop in Nibong Tebal and it is quite a scene of historical sites.

    The main attraction of Cheang Kee would be its baby octopus that is boiling water. Generous dashes of deep fried onion were placed on the dish adding a different aroma altogether. These cute lil’ octopuses were dipped into chili sauce filled with minced peanuts and we had done justice on those pity little octopuses that give you the chewy and juicy feeling.

    Pandan Chicken with a strong aroma of lemon grass.

    So what do you think is ? It looks gross but yummy for snails’ lover. In France they have escargot and back in Malaysia we have our very own version that was cooked in ‘gung pou’ style that gives you the light spicy taste.

    This is their most famous dish. The CRAB PORRIDGE, gosh, slobbering now. These crabs although are small but it is so sweet and fresh. For crabs’ eggs lover, you can enjoy a lot of eggs. Lastly, the soup of the porridge is nothing but fantastic.

    Before we end, the pictures below are the romantic view from the bottom of the Menara Telekom in Alor Setar standing tall accompanied by the glowing moon.

    Of course KampungBoy and CityGal that are both on tight schedule now have no time for that. So this entry is guest blogging by KampungBoy’s fourth elder sister, XT. She went to this nice seafood place and she’s very much keen to introduce it to everyone. Thanks XT for lighten up our blog with these nice pictures!~


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