Laksa Shack @ Sunway Pyramid

    My sista from Ipoh came over my place last weekend and we had a great time eating eating and eating~!! Our first destination is Laksa Shack @ Sunway Pyramid.

    Does this pic keep u in suspense??

    Aiskrim Goyang..Free with any purchase of set meal..Otherwise u gota pay rm 1.50

    Nyonya Laksa RM 9.90..Hmmm..No comment coz nothing beat the Nyonya Laksa which I had in Malacca during my foundation study..

    Laksam RM7.90..It’s originated from Kelantan (or Tganu?) coz KampungBoy told me that he love having this way back at home..It’s something rare for me but one bite and I was addicted..Malay version of mian fen gao?

    Johor Laksa which my sis ordered..RM 7.90

    Assam Laksa RM 7.90..I like the sourly broth..

    Cendol Ice and ABC Special..ABC Special is just overload with ingredients making it tastes akward..Cendol Ice with corns more than cendol..Lol

    Citygal and her two cute chubby Sistas..


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