Teriyaki Donburi and Curry Donburi

Teriyaki Pork Donburi

Yummy-licious Curry

Something very Chinese – Hong Kong Kailan with Oyster Sauce and Fried AnchoviesExams are approaching untill WE (the last minute heros) barely have time to breath. SO please bear with us as the few coming post will be featuring on home cooked food. (AGain??!! Yawn **) We promise you that as soon as the exams are done, we’ll go ahead to hunt for more good stuff around!

Deep in my heart, I’m so dissappointed that I can’t follow Radicalz to Sushi KIng for the RM 2 great deal. Hey, who says that I can’t have some Japanese stuff at home?? Hehehe, and thus I came out with Donburi (something on top of rice) and my favourite Japanese curry.Step by step guide :

Coat the pre marinated sliced pork (or any meat that you desires) with some corn flour.

Pan fry the slices until golden brown.

Remove pork and drain excess oil from pan

Sautee some finely chopped onions and garlic and add in the teriyaki sauce (I bought those ready made one from Jusco).

Crack in two eggs and it’s done when the sauce has thickened. (Make sure that the eggs are still a bit runny so that it will sipped into ur rice..Hmmmm..SOunds good)

Put the meat slices and the teriyaki sauce with RUNNY eggs on top of Japanese rice in a donburi bowl.


1)The colour of the meat slices is a too light, maybe i could add some dark soy sauce next time. Darker colour food looks more appetizing definitely.

2)If Katsudon (Donburi with breaded pork) is more to your cup of tea, coat the meat with bread crumbs and deep fried them.

3)My eggs are not runny!! Arghhhh..have to be extra cautious next time.

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  • boo_licious says:

    Good luck in the exams! No wonder you were memorising the ratios. Food looks good and yes, recreating Jap food is easy at home.

  • Joan Chew says:

    i’m impressed! u can really cook and the food looks good!

    Good luck & all the best for exams!

  • Radicalz says:

    haiz~ citygal dun wan “give me face” go makan sushi wif me.. sad.. =(

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    Boo : Arigato Gozaimasu! I need lucks..

    Joan: Thankiu :p And happy graduating~!!

    Rad: blek

  • fooDcrazEE says:

    all da best to both of you and after t he exam, can boo, splashie and I go over to your palce and then u cook for us ? hehehehe!

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    Foodcrazee: Come lor..if u have too much petrol or too much time..I stay in CYBERJAYA..muahahha

  • Joan Chew says:

    hey! i wonder how you add the google adds to your blog? can teach me? lol!

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    yeah sure..go to https://www.google.com/adsense/..sign up and copy the google adsense coding to ur temphlate..if ur still having prob with it..feel free to ask ok??

  • kampungboy says:

    Haha~ Still a long way to go.. Final exam 15-27 May… Still nit to wait for such a long time yet.. No worry.. can meet outside, eat outside.. 😀

  • Radicalz says:

    alwiz say me no call u go out, u ni dun wan give me chance call u out…
    =( sad sad sad..
    muz set appointment one izzit? =P
    schedule free next week? =)

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