Steamboat with Bakuteh Soup Base

    You can spot this place easily as it is located beside the famous Kaki Corner at Taman Billion. They are having a new opening promotion with RM9.90 per head and hence we decide to give it a try. This place was full with patrons the time we went. Hmmmm..bak kut teh steamboat is distinctive from other ordinary steamboat and it sounds new to us! You can read more about this place from The Star Kuali.

    Their dippings..Nothing to shout about..Still prefer those from Coca or BBQ Plaza..

    Portion for 5..Quite big huh?? It’s worth it with only RM9.90 per head during promotional period (last until 30 april)

    We had both bkt and tomyam soup base..I think they have tone down the herbally taste of bakuteh..It tastes funny at the first bite because I’d never had chicken, fishball, tofu, crabsticks with BKT soup..But it tastes better and better that I can’t stop chewing!

    YeeMee is a great match with BKT Soup!! Trust me!!

    Fried Bean Curd..My hokkien friend called it “Tau Kee”

    Enoki Mushroom which comes seperately RM 7.50 per portion..Love this one as its so crispy..We made a dirty joke out of this but I won’t tell you! Blek

    24 Jalan Siput Akek
    Taman Billion, Cheras
    Tel: 012-386 2855, 016-432 2296
    Business hours: 6pm to midnight nightly


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