Piza’s Burger


My burger resembles the leaning tower of Piza’s right?? Haha! The poor thing is heavily loaded with layers and layers of goodies until it was slightly slanting.

  • Layer 1: Burger buns slathered with (ahem *fattening*)butter

  • Layer 2: Ramli beef burger ( I shall try to do my own version of beef patties..Recipe anyone?)

  • Layer 3: Curry with potatoes, capsicum and tomato (Opss..left over from yterday’s dinner)

  • Layer 4: Cucumbers or any greens of your choice

  • Layer 5: Cheddar cheese or mozzarella or any cheese powder that’s currently residing in your fridge

  • Finally: Squeeze your bottle of mayonnaise / ketchup /chilli sauce / thousand island like nobody’s business!

Adios! Back to my Financial Statement Analysis text book now..Another crazy burger wanabe here

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  1. minnieooi says:

    i could even smell the burger while sleeping!! imgaine eating it… yummmmmmmm… :P


  2. Joan Chew says:

    wahh!! crazy wei!! SO HUGE! how 2 fit inside the mouth wei? LOL!!

    looks yummy!~


  3. boo_licious says:

    Looks good – wah, doing financial statement analysis. Remember all your ratios!


  4. Anonymous says:

    everytime i look at ur blog, my saliva will dribbling out…keep up the hard work…


  5. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Boo: Haha..ya..Faint**

    Anonymous: Thankzz..:)


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