Chilis @ KLCC

    After an exhausting evening of distributing questionaires to 20 hotels in KL area (for assignment purposes), we ended up at KLCC for dinner. We were extremely hungry and everyone hopes to have something with B-I-G portion for dinner! So our destination is Chilis!

    Since it was dinner time, the place was jam packed with people (There were cute Ang Mohs around too!). After 15 min of waiting, finally we were seated. This is my first here, my previous experiences in Midvalley Chilis are not really good, service are not prompt and the I suspect that they overload with MSG as I got very thirsty each time after my meal.

    My all time favourite – Old timer (RM 14.95). I request for my meat to be half done, it turned out to be soooo juicy! If you love mustard and pickles then you would find this delicious!

    Cajun chicken sandwich Awesome Blossom strings that June had (RM19.95).

    Ally and Leeping ordered the same thing – BBQ ranch (RM 17.95). They love the bbq sauce and ranch dressing!

    Suyen had this – Grilled Chicken (RM 19.95). Surprisingly the breast meat is tender and juicy! As you can see the meat is topped with swiss cheese and honey mustard dressing.

    Suyen found this encouraging because she loves hot and spicy food!

    My chocolate shake (RM8). Its good but you can get something like this from Mcd for only RM 2.50. :p

    Bottomless orange juice

    Bottomless ice lemon tea. The waiters are prompt in getting ur drinks refill. This outlet has better service and greater food quality. No wonder it was jam packed during peak hour.

    Five of us finished one bottle of Heinz Chilli Sauce there. This is not amazing enough as my friend and her two sisters can clear up 3 bottles of tabasco at Chilis!


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