Cheras Makan 3: But Gin But Shan Char Chan Teng

    The Menu – But Gin But Shan is a Cantonese phrase, means “See You There”

    Their promotional item: Sour soup + Fish

    Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

    Our Yin Yeong (Milk Tea + Coffee)

    Grilled Fish FIllet with Garlic Sauce.Our salivas are dripping when we see Emily’s face is filled with satisfaction.

    Cheese baked rice

    Toast with ice cream and whipping cream as toppings

    Baked rice with mixed sauce ordered by KgBoy. The white sauce taste like cream of mushroom to him and the red sauce is some pasta sauce with minced meat. He prefers those from Wong kok one though!

    My portugese baked rice with some portugese sauce, raisins, shredded cocnonuts and chicken pieces. I find it weird becaues I can’t stand the smell of the spices they used.

    Yeong Chow fried rice

    Escargots with mozerella cheese

    Longan Milk. This is soooo good that Jiaho ordered the second cup!

    Ice blended mango

    I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. My camera is not with me currently. Kampungboy have to snap those foodies with his Nokia 6680. Those food are really appetizing but the pictures convey a different message. Sigh**


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