Cheras Makan 2: Pan Mee and Beef Noddle

    The crews brought us to this Pan Mee specialty place before shooting. How do we judge whether the food is good here? The answer is simple enough, by just looking at the crowds and queues. We had been waiting for 20 minutes just to get a seat.

    This place is owned by and runs by a group of talented young people just like me. **Giggles**

    Assortment of Chili Dippings

    Tong Sui

    Dry Pan Mee with Char Siew, Fish Balls and Fried Fish Cake (RM4.50 L RM3.90 R).

    The Slimmer Version of Pan Mee. The sauce is not like those ordinary Gon Lou sauce that you found outside, it’s more to the sweeter side.

    Those Fish Cakes are real good! I saw the familiar on my neighbouring table having a bowl of plain fish cakes.

    Pan Mee with Soup (RM4.50 L RM3.90 R). The soup is simple delicious! There’s something missing here though, I like pan mee with black fungus and fried anchovies!

    During shooting break, Kampungboy and me sneaked to this place because their signboard that stated beef innards attracted us!

    A small bowl of “Ngao Zap” with beef balls, beef belly, beef stomach

    Sorry if this looks disgusting to you, but they taste real good! It’s braised to perfection, the innards and meat has absorbed the soup making it chewable yet soft.

    This two places are located at Japan Perubatan Dua, Pandan Indah. The Pan Mee shop is facing the main road while the beef noddle place is adjacent to the corner lot Sweet Memory.


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