Cheras Makan 1: Sweet Memory For Sweet Tooth

    A lot of Cheras’ foodies will be coming up as KampungBoy and I spend two consecutive days here for something. You shall know the something if you read on..Did i keep you in suspense?

    Residing at a busy corner at Pandan Indah, it’s hard not to notice this bright coloured shop. Before this it was known as Sweet Talk but after some renovation it has changed its name to Sweet Memory.

    They have cute little bees as ‘mascot’. The owner told us that her customers love snapping pictures in front of this wall paper.

    Hey! I spotted some movie star for his movie shooting! Cute guys attract me more than nice food!

    He’s so so so so so so C-U-T-E

    NG scene – He can’t stop laughing when he see my DROOOOLING face!

    Identity reveal! Actually that cute guy is noone other than KampungBoy. We were just helping our friend for their assignment MTV shooting. But why no pictures of CityGal? I’m just camera shy! Nah..I just can’t seem to find a proper picture of mine that can be put above the caption ” Wah chun chick!”

    Soon after shooting, we lay back, relax and enjoy their irresistible and mouth watering delight.Their menu lists down a wide range of desserts and main course and it takes a lot of blinks to make up our mind.

    The pan fried yam cake (RM 3.00) tastes flat compares to the Taro Cake (RM3.00) that we ordered later on

    XO sauce fried udon (RM 7.50) – Taste good but too oily

    Seafood Caborana (RM 7.50) – The sauce is creamy and tantalizing!

    Abalone Porridge (RM6.50) – I forgot to ask for a verdict

    Nissin Noddle with Luncheon Meat and Egg (RM 4.50) – A great deal in the menu but it’s kinda ordinary

    Soup Noddle with Salmon Sausage and Egg (RM 4.50)

    Fried Breadstick with Rice Noodle (RM3.50) – My choice of the day out of curiosity, Yao Char Keow wrapped with Chee Cheong Fun, they skimped on the sauce but I love the crispiness of the breadstick.

    Stir Fry Rice Noodle with Special Sauce (RM 2.50)

    Mango Sweet Noodle (RM 5.00) – This is sooo good compared to the Wong Kok one! The hor fun is more jelly like instead of those normal oily hor fun

    Pancake with assorted flavours – Mango, Durian, Strawberry (RM5.00)

    Mango Pancake – Mango cubes and cream in a fluffy light pancake, 3 different texture and three different taste

    Durian Pancake is the highlight of the day! In between the thin layers of pancake lies a sinfully aromatic durian mousse..I can only say heavenly..9 of us actually ordered 7 plate of this..This evil rool is addictive! Gosh I miss them so much!

    Creamy Peanut Soup (RM 1.80) – I think they add peanut butter to the peanut soup

    Mixed Food Sago Toss (RM 4.80) – The presentation needs some jump of colours but it taste good actually

    Red Bean Tangeline (RM 1.80) – The tangerine smell is toooo strong for my taste bud

    My second drink Ice Lemon Tea (RM2.00) – It came to my surprise that they didn’t use those concentrated or sachet one

    Red Bean Cooler with Coconut and Cream (RM3.00)

    It’s located at Jalan Perubaten Dua, Pandan Indah, Cheras. To be more exact, it’s directly opposite Steven’s Corner. This place offers commendable service, relaxing ambience, reasonable pricing.



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