Buddy Nasi Lemak @ Jusco One Utama

    The delicious assam laksa and nasi lemak at Deli Terra, Jusco Midvalley has been passing on from mouth to mouth. Even if you have not heard of it, you should witness the long queues yourself, or you can read the review from Good Food Good Life. However, I’m going to blog about this particular store named Buddy at Jusco One U instead of the oh-so-famous Deli Garden. My friend told me about this place not long ago so I gave it a try last week.

    Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong (RM 5.60). Other varieties are beef rendang, chicken rendang and udang petai. It has a perfect spicy concoction but I still prefer Deli Terra’s nasi lemak with a banana leaf setting and pipingly hot!

    There are a whole lot of stalls around. This is the boneless crispy chicken that we dabaod (RM1.90)

    FIshball with teriyaki sauce (RM 1.50)

    Cucur Sayur (Deep fried veges) RM1.00

    We are two happy souls, when we were surrounded by a wide varieties of food~!


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