Banana Fritters


Feel like posting a picture of this cute kitty at our condo block. Kampungboy and me stay beside to each other, and sometimes we like to talk or passing stuff (esp food) at our balcony. Each time we were talking happily and stare up, we can see this cute kitty lazing around at the edge of the balcony belongs to the resident staying upstairs. It seems like a dangerous act that would jeoperdize anyone, but this kitty just take it easy and enjoy lazing around at its territory. I hope that Boolicious will like this picture too, as a very very very little gift for her blog’s first birthday.

KampungBoy has been studying hard for his mid term exam for the past few days. As a reward, I treat him with something really nice and simple to be made. Another reason is that I wana get rid of my left over popiah skin.

4 bananas
2 tablespoons sugar
8 sheets of popiah skin
1/8 cinnamon
4 slices of cheddar cheese
oil for deep frying
1. Sprinkle peeled bananas with sugar and cinnamon. Set aside and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes.
2. Lay 2 sheets of popiah skin on a flat surface, followed by a slice of cheddar cheese and banana (in chunks or whole).
3. Wrapped it nicely and seal it with some egg white.
4. Deep fried it with hot oil for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Served with syrup or a shake of sugar.

It’s really simple for me as I don’t have to make my own batter. Mixing my own batter that comes out crispy is something really tedious for me and thus I replace it with popiah skin instead. Can anyone please provide me with The Ultimate Batter Recipe? Hehe!

We love it so much! Crispy outside and soft inside is the best way to describe it! The perfect mixture of sugar and fructose from banana and cheese gives the fritter sweet and salty flavor.

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  1. Radicalz says:

    zhi, i waiting for my “treat” ya~ faster sek “do”..
    ;) *wink* *wink*


  2. Joan Chew says:

    aww! thats so sweet!! =)


  3. Mark says:

    So creative, so special.
    Never thought popiah + banana…
    Kampungboy is a lucky boy…
    Must appreciate your Citygal arr…


  4. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Rad: Heheh.. c how la

    Joan: U can do it for ur bf too..super duper easy :P

    Mark: It’s reli reli nice..I’m addicted to it..


  5. Radicalz says:

    wzhi, ngo ge HANG FUK, kaau sai lei ge la…
    =’( *sniff~* *sniff~*


  6. boo_licious says:

    Awwww, that is such a sweet little kitty. Thxs so much for that shot – it reminds me of my big fella Kits since it’s a stripy tabby.

    Your banana fritters remind me of my cekodok I made when I was studying for exams too long long ago.


  7. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Boo: This kitty loves to take a peek at us..Shy**..


  8. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed a lot!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good attempt to pamper my sweet teddy.. haha..


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