Sweet and Sour Fish for Dinner

    I haven been taking chicken for quite some time. The recent outbreaks in Perak make me a coward when it comes to bird poultry. Sarcastically, I take eggs occasionally. Haha!

    Actually this sweet and sour fish is an impulsive kind of thing, but somehow it is similiar to the recipe that I found in Kuali. The only difference is that I choose not to deep fried the fish, because FAT DEE lar! I stir fry the fish fillets, please be noted that you must be soft and slow in movement during this process if you do not want to get the fish fillets wrecked.

    The sauce is a mixture of tomato sauce, chilli sauce, lemon juice and some vinegar. These appetizing and (looks) fiery red sauce is best eaten with white rice. You gota trust me because KampungBoy finished 3 big bowls of white rice! I bet kids would love this dish to the max. It would be perfect with some pineapple and cucumber cubes. Haha but I left this two item for my grocery shopping.

    As you can see, the same old boring “zhap chai” (mixed vege) again. This time, I added in some minced meat for some Omph! I loves minced meat so so so much. I think I can survive on zhap chai alone, as long as there’s some minced meat in it. Nasi satu lagi , please!


    • boo_licious says:

      Yeah, I always say don’t eat chicken but end up still eating fried chicken and eggs. Oh well, still alive to tell the story. Fish looks very good and excellent idea to pan fry. Dunno why all Chinese recipes are deep fry instead as it’s so oily!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Boo: haha..human contradicts themselves all the time..yeah..everyt hafta be deep fried before it’s mixed with the sauces..

    • Lynn* says:

      haha Vic will be very happy to read this.He’s been promoting fish for quite some time now.But i still prefer chic 😛

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Lynn: I used those packed dory fish from carrefour..RM 3.99 per pack..call me cheap skate..:p Mayb u can try this out at home .. you cant go wrong with tomato and chilli sauce..

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