Steamed Keropok Lekor From Kuala Terengganu

    Actually our very first post on KampungboyCitygal featured about keropok lekor. Our passion of food is not known to others until one day while we were chewing on the keropok lekor..

    CityGal : “Guess not many people know about this other than local (KT) ppl huh?”
    Kampungboy :” Yeapz. Usually tourists will opt for the keropok lekor in Kampung Losong”
    CityGal :” Why dun we start a food blog and tell ppl about this?”
    Kampungboy :” Brilliant!! Let’s start working on it!!”

    Eventually our blog is now 3 month old and we get to know many new friends who are enthusiastic towards food. Let’s get back the the steamed keropok lekor..

    Keropok Lekor is actually fermented fishes and tiny prawns originated from Terengganu. The types of fish mainly used are the ikan parang, tamban and selayang. Its only available in Kuala Terengganu. Orders can be made via phone call or you can pay a visit Kuala Terengganu Hawker Center. Please take note that they wouldn’t be selling during monsoon season as fish supply is inadequate

    Cili Padi..Extremely Hot


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