My First Self Made Spring Roll

    After reading Glutton Rabbit and Just Heavenly post on Spring Roll, I decided to make my own too. So eventually my recipe will be a combination of theirs.

    Ingredients (to make 20)
    1 large sengkuang – thinly sliced
    2 carrots – thinly slices
    1 clove of garlic – finely chopped
    40 sheets spring roll wrappers
    3 tbsp of soy sauce
    1 tbsp of oyster sauce
    Salt and sugar to taste

    1. Heat some oil and fry the garlic till fragrant.
    2. Pour in the sengkuang, carrot, soy sauce and oyster sauce and saute till it turned soft.
    3. Add salt and sugar to taste.
    4. Wrap the vegetables with the spring roll wrappers. I used two sheets for each popiah to get extra crunchiness. Tips from Glutton Rabbit.
    5. Use egg white to seal the wrappers.
    6. Deep fried it and it’s ready to served. Best served with Thai Chilli Sauce.

    P/S It would be perfect will some dried shrimps and minced meat.

    My housemates love it..Carnivorous Kampungboy loves it even more..And mum would be happy to hear that! It’s quite a lot of work even though the ingredients are simple.


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