Ming Chu Hawker Centre, Bandar Serdang Baru

    KampungBoy went to have his tri-monthly haircut today. Usually after his haircut, we would settle our dinner nearby. Bandar Serdang Baru is the area of shophouses adjacent to South City Plaza. Most of the shophouses here are eateries or restaurant. There’s thai food restaurant, bakeries, steamboat, the famous spicy soup, kopitiam, and of course four hawker centres. You’ll be spoilt by the choices here. KampungBoy’s favourite place would be this place. They have all kind of stalls here selling different food, you can even order from the hawker centre opposite. I think they are under the same owner.

    Yao Zha Kuai with Soya and Cincau – Citygal’s favourite combination

    Ham Zim Beng with red bean paste, they even have lotus paste, coconut paste and yam paste.

    Since we have been visiting this place for quite a time, Kampungboy found out that the wanton mee here is the best among the stalls here.

    What makes it irresistable is the Honey Char Siew (BBQ Pork). According to the owner, it’s an entailed family recipe.

    The wanton..SO SO lor

    I tried the Prawn Mee this time..It’s quite a big portion for rm 3.50..The weird thing is they include minced pork into the bowl..Never ate Prawn Mee with pork before..The soup doesn’t have the prawn taste at all which makes the whole thing a failure..


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