Just Thai @ One Utama

    Quite a number of gourmet enthusiast told me about this place but yet I still haven’t try it out myself. Kampungboy handed me the pictures and verbal verdicts. Sorry for the short post today. I hope that the pictures can do more talking :p

    Their set menu – Good value of money

    Green curry – FOC for their promotion

    Mixed Appetizer Combo with Thai Chilli Sauce-Nothing much special

    Steam Siakap with Lime and Chilli Sauce – Excellent! Superb!The sauce complements the fish so well!

    Stir Fried Chicken With Cashew Nuts – So so lor

    Deep Fried Tofu with Basil Leaves – Like any other deep fried tofu that you can find just that it’s given a touch of spiciness

    Stir Fried Baby Kailan With Garlic
    Sorry for not giving a more comprehensive review as my tongue didn’t touch those food at all. Kampungboy can only differentiates good and bad when it comes to food..Eg So so la..Very good..Superb..Ewwwwww..That’s the reason why I like to choose him to test my cooking..Because he is soooooo frank in giving bad reviews..Haha
    F22, Lower Ground Floor
    1-Utama Shopping Centre ,
    Bandar Utama
    Phone: 03-7726 9255


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