Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery

    Jo- A place one has to go.
    Go- The palace in which a king lives.
    Ya- A shop in Japanese culture.

    Jogoya opened their first flagship in Starhill Gallery, KL. There must be something unique about Jogoya that it can gain its fame among the highly competitive F&B industry in Taiwan. There’s a mixing of reviews among local food bloggers on the food quality. So, KampungBoy and I decided to give it a try even though the price is towards the high end side. It’s a little treat for the Birthday Gal too!


    The Procedures Recommended – Taken from Jogoya Official Website


    Store Front


    Customers must pay prior enter and we were actually the first on the booking list. Their staff ushered us into a so called couple seat. It’s actually a little cabin where you and your partner are sitting next to each other and facing a wall. I urged KampungBoy to request for seats changing, and they lead us to a small table of two. Ahhh, feel more spacious now! This place is HUGE that I got lost for few times. (A bit exaggerating, main reason is I have poor sense of direction) Every table is given some metal clips to be dropped onto the counter when you want to order the cooked food. Just be patient because it takes time to be delivered to your table.

    Most of their serving staffs are actually foreigners who can’t understand English. However, they are prompt in clearing your plates and getting you spoons or tissues. Oh, it’s heart warming because they say Thank You and smile quite frequently.

    Everyone try the paperpot steamboat out of curiosity. You can choose your own choice of seafood and vegetables from the counter and the soup base selections are chicken and mushroom, miso soup and tomyam soup. There’s’ a portable burner on every table to keep your soup warm.

    Citygal’s favourite : Sashimi

    Pictures courtesy of whistler

    They have various type of baked cheese in bowls.

    Kampungboy with his cawan mushi


    Oysters big as palm size. This is the first time we tried raw oysters..Ermm..Dun quiet like it..

    Stir Fry Beef..Delicious!!

    Stir Fry Lala..2 Thumbs Up!!

    Butter Prawn..The prawn is fresh and I love the butterly taste

    Ikan Pari Bakar..Cute presentation..Kampungboy: Waste aluminium foil leh..

    Must mention about the prawn tempura coated with crunchy batter and the grilled fish chin (direct translate from mandarin)

    Fish Fillet with Teppanyaki Sauce..SO good that we ordered a second plate..

    Dim Sum Section

    Siu Loong Tong Bao without Tong..Haha

    Jogoya is a Halal restaurant..But weirdly enough that it tastes like pork..

    Variety and selections of food is HUGE as well, but not all meet up to the standard. KampungBoy and I just love their drinks from fruit smoothies, small coconuts, coffee, expresso, cappuccino, plum tea and ocha. For desserts, their mousse cakes and tarts are nothing special, but I love the tiramisu, plain cheese cake and Movenpick Ice Cream from Switzerland. I tried it at Marche, The Curve and fall in love with it there after.

    Cute coconuts..Love it

    Citygal had 3 cups of cappuccino

    Movenpick Ice Cream..Drolling..@@

    Desserts..SO tempting right??

    Note : Phototaking of the food preparation counters are strictly prohibited. We were actually stopped by the managers few times. However we goes on for our reader’s viewing pleasuers. Haha

    Can you imagine that two of us can actually gobbled down so much of food? We definitely get the RM 133.40 worth. We recommended this place to all the jap food lovers out there, and not to forget those with big appetite like us. Last but not least, thanks to KampungBoy for the treat, he’s probably going to survive on bread for the next few weeks.

    Jogoya, T3 Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery (Phone No: 03-22971299 )

    Brunch RM78++ *Promo Price RM68++

    11:30am – 1.40pm (weekdays)11.00am – 2.00pm (weekends)

    Lunch RM68++ *Promo Price RM58++

    1:40pm – 4.20pm (weekdays)2.00pm – 4.20pm (weekends)

    Dinner RM88++ *Promo Price RM78++

    5:00pm – 9.30pm (weekdays)5.00pm – 9.30pm (weekends)

    Supper RM88++ *Promo Price RM68++

    9:30pm – 2.00am (weekdays)9.40pm – 2.00am (weekends)

    * Promo Price ends on 31 March 2006.


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