Cooking Class for Dummies

    A lot of dummies friend message me lately, asking me how do I manage to come out with so many good stuff while I’m busy coping for my studies, assignments and stuff. Me myself was a dummy way back at home. Staying away from home means that I have to be independent and learn how to take good care of myself. I’m not saying that I’m a real PRO in cooking because I’m still in the process of learning. Why don’t we learn and improve our cooking together?

    Fried Rice: Simple yet Tasty. Be generous with the amount of Veges and be stingy with the amount of MSG and salt. Preferably cook ur rice with less water or use leftover rice. (Note: This pic is my roomate Yiquan’s first attempt on fried rice and it earns good comments)

    Packet Dory Fish Fillet : You get clean prepacked fishes withut the fishy smell. You can do it in black pepper style, thai style, orange sauce style, deep fried style and garlic butter style.

    ( Non Halal) Minced meat is the best ingredients! Pour generous amount of it on your Gon Lou Mi or Mi with soup. It’s equally yummy when you fried them with eggs. I love eating them with long beans or porridge. KampungBoy survived on the porridge for two days when he was having fever. Fever will craved for pork porridge pulak!

    Canned curries or packet curries : KampungBoy cooked me ayambrand curry with cube potatoes and carrots for today’s dinner. Taste bland but it’s not his fault. I still prefer the Japanese curry that we tried last time.

    We reserved some curry potatoes for our second attempt on popiah.

    The step by step guide on how to wrap a popiah (requested by a reader who wishes to remained anonymous)

    The creative award goes to KampungBoy lor..Coz citygal doesnt know how to fold the triangle shape one..Must go home ask mummy

    Happy Learning ! Will update more when I learn new stuff or ‘invent’ new stuff!


    • Radicalz says:

      we are ur dummies friends??? T.T sad sad sad…

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      U asked me how to cook b4?? I’m a dummy myself too..The term dummy – No offense ya..

    • kuang says:

      haha got time teach me also la 😛
      lucky i juz ate my dinner if not hungry again 😛

    • Radicalz says:

      haha.. me juz kidd ni la.. =P
      CITYGAL so “keng” coz can cook so MANY types of food..
      me juz know how cook maggie mee ni, memang look like dummy ni.. o.0″

      popiah looks damm nice by the way.. =P~

    • Boss Stewie says:

      i can cook fu chuk
      stewie loves fu chuk

    • boo_licious says:

      You can also cook up the minced meat in dark soya sauce and keep that as a topping for your instant noodles. Just make that ahead and it’s really fast to add it on top with any veges you like.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Rad : I kembang dee :p

      Boss stewie : fu zhuk yi mai? with barley and ginko ? I want I want!

      Boo: Yeah..I did that..N it can be stored in the fridge for a long period..Thanks :p

    • shawnchin says:

      reminds me of back when i was in MMU. We once had a Pohpia party… We prepared a whole load of ingredients, some really weird ones, some standard ones. Then everyone just sit around make pohpia with whatever content or shape they want.

      Later, just take all and fry, and everyone eat random ones. You get to curse a lot when you get a funky one.. you’ll know who the culprit is, cos he’ll be laughing his ass off.

      Some of the ingredients that i can recall: char siew, lap chiong, mince meat, fried turnip, prawns, cheese, crab stick,….

      And the funky ones: whole cili padi, lots of salt/sugar, peanut butter, … Chewing Gum!! …

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