Balabalabah..McE Grilled Beef Foldover


My idea was 90 percent inspired by Shawn‘s ‘sampan kebab’..Just pray that i won’t be sued for plagiarize his masterpiece. The ingredients are simple, the preparation and cooking is conceptually and practically easy, the substitution of ingredients can be done at ease too. That is why I love Shawn’s recipe. Basically it is meant for students staying away from home, but I jotted down some recipe for my mum and she loves it too!

First, let’s get the side dishes done! For potato salad, I boiled five potatoes till it turned soft, cut them into cubes and stored in fridge overnight. This is to avoid the potatoes to be mashed during the stirring process. The next morning, I add in a pinch of salt and pepper, 3 tbsp of mayonnise, some leftover formaggio and a bit of lime juice. Stir well.

How can you call it a day without having some greens? Cut the cucumber into cubes, shred the carrots, and add in some canned pineapple cubes. With 2 tbsp of mayonnise and some lime juice, stir till it is well mixed. The colours would be nicer with some tomato cubes but again I left it in my shopping list.

Ta-dah! Time for the beef! Toast three pieces of Ramli Beef Burger to get the crispy effect. Crust it with fork and stir fry it with some onions. Add in 2 tbsp of pasta sauce and tomato puree when the meat is cooked. Mine is a milder version because I forgot to buy pepper and chilies.

Next, heat the pitas on a wok without oil till it turned a bit brownish and filled in that stuff by layers. I didn’t use the mozerella cheese at top layer to hold everything in place because it’s expensive. So KambongBoy and I need extra cautious when biting to avoid the mess.

Layer 1: Beef Burger
Layer 2: Formaggio Powder
Layer 3: Potato Salad
Layer 4: Cooling Greens
It’s Heaven! The different textures in one bite…

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  1. kuang says:

    i got read the shawn chin one his one outlook nice …ur one colourful :P too bad i cannot eat beef :D


  2. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Substitute it with chicken lor..Or fish fillets..:p


  3. shawnchin says:

    *kembang* :p

    nice touch with the potato salad!!


  4. boo_licious says:

    Hee hee, nice! Shawn is really the king of student food, in fact all his recipes look so much better than the stuff I made when I was studying.


  5. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Shawn: Thanks to King of Student Food..Muahaha

    Boo: But the stuff u made now look so so much better than mine one..:p


  6. fooDcrazEE says:

    hahahha! She had enough experience with Splashie….chuckle

    Formaggio – u meant parmesan or some sort of other cheese ? Nicely done – innovative


  7. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Foodcrazee: It smells like parmesan..but the packet just stated formaggio for paste..SO im not sure..Thanks for ur compliments..:p


  8. shawnchin says:

    Formaggio is just the Italian word for cheese. So it can be anything. But if it says formaggio for pasta, then very likely it’s parmesan lah.


  9. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Terima Kasih Master Shawn :) Now I know my nose has the talent in differentiating cheese..


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