Weekend Meals

    Another lazy weekend at home..Haha Citygal managed to finish 20 episodes of drama in two days..Imba..Other than drama-ing, cooking ignites her interest too.. Perhaps I’m the youngest domestic goddess ever..SIgh *_*

    Ladies and gentleman..We are proudly to present Honey Roasted Chicken Wing..Kids love this the most..

    I substitute honey with brown sugar for the nice brownish colour but it lack of the ‘stickiness’ and aroma of honey. Stirred Fry Mixed Vegetables. We have baby corns, mushrooms, cabbages, tomatoes and brocollis. These are the only veges that the carnivorous species kampungboy will eat.

    Our dinner on the following day. As you can see leftover veggies but we have black pepper fish fillet. It’s appetizing!

    KampungBoy claimed that he came out with this. But hey I’m the one who do the cutting and marinating. Haha ok lar both should be counted for the good food. Hohoho..Kampungboy said that its a rare phenomena that I’m willing to do the clean up..Hmmfff..He said that i need more domestic training..Who said that good cook must be a good cleaner??


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