Secret Recipe @ Alamanda Putrajaya

    Secret Recipe has been our favourite restaurant all the while. With good service, nice environment and of course excellent food, it is awarded as “Malaysia Best Halal Restaurant of The Year 2005”. The first restaurant that we visit soon after we were back from out hometown is the Secret Recipe outlet in Alamanda Putrajaya . It’s spacious with nice interior and of course the staff there were extremely friendly.

    Wanted to try the lemon cheese cake but our stomach leave no space for any food.

    The smart choice: Ice water is cheap and it is perfect to wash away the sweetness of your dessert

    Black Pepper Lamb Pie RM5.50

    Butter Rice (RM1) ordered seperately because it goes well with our main dish.

    Roasted Chicken with Tumeric Sauce (RM 12.50) It’s under their Fusion menu and only certain outlets offer Fusion menu. Tumeric: East Indian perennial herb with a large aromatic deep yellow rhizome

    The drumstick is tender and the tumeric sauce adds a perfect touch to it.

    Kampungboy did not ordered his all time favourite LambStew this time. Haha. He made such big sacrifices because he had too much of heaty food during Chinese New Year. Chinese believe that lamb is a “yang” or heaty food as our body’s tonic.


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