Kim Gary and Nando’s @ Sunway Pyramid

    To celebrate Yiquan’s aka Xiufu aka Lil tiger’s birthday in advance, we had a housemates outing to Sunway Pyrimad. We never hesitate to choose Kim Gary when it comes to tea time. The ala carte menu have lots of HK styled meals or snack cater to our needs. Kim Gary might be a common sight to Kay L people, but some Ipohan might not be familiar with it because it’s not available in Ipoh or any other small town.

    The ambience is still OK but the crowd and the trouble of waiting to be seated might pull you back.

    Franky speaking, I’d never try other drinks other than Ice Yin Yeong

    Egg Sanwich ordered by Leeping..It’s her all time favourite

    As for me, I decided to make some changes by ordering Fish Burger because I tried their pork burger and beef burger N times before.

    Macau Pork Burger is craved by Kampungboy all the time. Since he wasn’t here, i recommended it to Munlin and Suyen instead.

    Next stop, dinner at Nando’s. We had a rather unpleasant experience here.

    We had the Peri Platter which is a good value of money

    It comes with a full chicken..

    The dipping sauce..Warning: The flaming hot peri peri sauce will burn your throat..

    A large butter rice..

    A large green salad with one or two drips of dressing..We request for more dressings..Reply from the waitress: ” What you are having now is FIXED and no changes shall be made.” 0_o

    A large coleslaw..Coleslaw is always the favourite sidedish..But this time it tastes utterly bitter..We request for a change but the restaurant manager insisted that it is freshly made and it is the only batch of coleslaw available..

    And thus Munlin fought for her consumer right by saying something like a franchise restaurant should have product quality control and customers come first..Bla Bla Bla..And we have the old style chips as replacement. “Can we have the spicy peri powder over our fries?” ” What you are having now is FIXED and no changes shall be made.” 0_o

    Soup of the day..Taste real good..


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