Bar BQ Plaza @ One Utama New Wing

    Love is in the air!~I’m pampered with gifts from friends and my loved one. KampungBoy refuses to let me reveal what he bought as V-pressie. It’s just something that i wanted to buy and i like so much!~ Thanks for lending your shoulder for me to lean on, your ears to listen to all my grumbles, your eyes to watch out for my clumpsiness and your soul for being with me through rain or shine. Happy Valentine’s Day!~

    Bar BQ Plaza is a franchise originated from Bangkok and recently they opened their first outlet in Malaysia at Lot 338a,1st Floor,Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. For me it’s more like Korean Steamboat with 2 in 1 steamboat and grilling. So it’s a Thai restaurant which serves Korean Steamboat in Malaysia. Globalization is the IN thing now!

    Neither KampungBoy nor me fancy candlelit dinner where we are forced to order the pricey lovers set and dare not to move an inch because the waiters are staring at you. The most important thing is we hate long queues. So eventually we had chosen this new outlet to have our not-so-romantic valentine’s dinner.

    The air ventilation is strong enough to make sure that the barbq smell won’t stay on you.

    The step by step guide

    Sauce Combination and the FATSSSSSS..Arghhhh Soooo Scary

    Their home made sauce is EXCELLENT! Taste nutty, spicy, sweet, sour..? Undescribable

    Gyoza – My all time favourite RM 5.50 for a plate of six

    The dual combo RM 28

    Thin slices of beef, pork and bacons..Tempting enough?

    OK Let’s start with Step 1: Pour in the chicken stock clear soup

    Step 2: Place the fats on the top of the round plate

    Step 3: Add in the veges to add some sweetness to the soup and have fun BarBQing

    Wrong Method: We rubbed the fats around the round plate just like butter. It shall be placed on top of it. The waiter told us that seafood must be dipped in the boiling soup before grilling to make sure that it is cooked.

    Our leftovers – KampungBoy:”Girl a, cabbage very cheap meh?”

    KampungBoy:”Come out also wana play masak-masak” (Shake his head)

    Surprise surprise! Free desserts exclusively on V-Day! Mango Sago (RM4.50)

    Leng Zhai with his HoneyDew Sago (RM4.50)

    CityGal: “Must leave some good comment since they give us freebies!”

    Happy Valentine’s Day!~ With Warmest Wishes from CityGal


    • boo_licious says:

      Ah, I always see this place from the highway. Looks interesting. Now I know what both of you look like. So what’s the pressie? Suspense only.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      That shall con’t to keep u in suspense..hehe..wht splashie boy gets for u??

    • Honey Star says:

      Hey, u got a very good bargain!!
      Guess wat.. i think i had too much “heaty” food… i was coughing like
      mad for 2 weeks after that!! 🙂 hehehe

    • Anonymous says:

      The food at Bar BQ Plaza is nice and the sauce is kinda unique.. 😛 But it is definately 100% different from the Korean BBQ. The sauce, the way the Koreans present their food is totally different. In fact it doesn’t taste the same xD The beef at Korean BBQ is way nicer (well, i’m just being honest… xD)

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