Weekend Meals


Another lazy weekend at home..Haha Citygal managed to finish 20 episodes of drama in two days..Imba..Other than drama-ing, cooking ignites her interest too.. Perhaps I'm the youngest domestic goddess ever..SIgh *_* Ladies and gentleman..We are proudly to present Honey Roasted Chicken Wing..Kids love this the most.. I substitute honey with brown sugar for the nice brownish colour but it lack … [Read more...]

Secret Recipe @ Alamanda Putrajaya


Secret Recipe has been our favourite restaurant all the while. With good service, nice environment and of course excellent food, it is awarded as "Malaysia Best Halal Restaurant of The Year 2005". The first restaurant that we visit soon after we were back from out hometown is the Secret Recipe outlet in Alamanda Putrajaya . It's spacious with nice interior and of course the staff there were … [Read more...]