Tofu Fa / Tofu Pudding from Connought Pasar Malam

    Taufu Fah…

    Nah..What’s so special about Taufu Fah that it deserved a mention here?? Leeping aka pineapple bought it all the way from Connought(Cheras)Pasar Malam one arrrrr..I like it in ginger syrup and glutinous rice ball with black sesame paste. Will feature bout the stalls in Connought pasar malam in my coming blog..Dun miss out the Uncle Bob Fried Chicken, Fried Tofu, Fried Mushroom, Apam Balik in Pandan Flavour, Mat Dou Yao (WHat also got) tong sui, Curry Fish Balls..etc..

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