The Ipohan Culture of Yum Cha – Ming Court Dim Sum

    Ipoh is famous for Hong Kong style Dim Sum and usually tourists will opt for the famous Foh San. But personally i think that Ming Court Dim Sum is the best Dim Sum in Ipoh. Maybe its because of my childhood memory. Every Sunday, Dad would take us to Yum Cha and we went to Ming Court quite frequently.Please dun get me wrong, as there’s no Ming Court Hotel in Ipoh, it’s simply MING COURT HK DIM SUM. Do take note that they are closed on Thursday.

    Can the four of us gobble it all down??

    Lor Mai Kai (Glutinous rice with chicken, mushroom, hard boiled egg and preserved sausage)

    Wu Kok aka Taro Puff – One of my favourite coz i like the soft texture of yam

    Char Siew Bao – I hafta admit that Foh San’s one are better

    Egg Tarts – Ck n Kenny Lurve it

    Fried Glutinous Ball with Red Bean Paste

    Fried Prawn Roll

    Black Sesame Tong Sui – It does wonder to our skin- My favourite coz its creamy yet not too sweet

    Porridge with Century Eggs and Lean Meat – My Favourite!!

    Even the KL guys say good !


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