Sup Pedas Ayam Kampung (Spicy Soup With Chicken)


    As recommended by Julie The Biscuit and Eating Asia ..It’s in some residential area of Seri Kembangan..Just ask any locals and they will give you the direction..

    Spicy Soup with lots and lots of white pepper and ginger slices..And sprinkled with celery..Caution: For spice lovers only
    Beware : Innards~!!!!! KampungBoy loves innards while CityGal dun really fancy it. How to describe? It’s chewy??

    The Spicy Soup and White Rice – Perfect Combination

    Chicken with Dark Soy Sauce and Fah Teu Wine – The dark sauce goes well with rice that CityGal ‘tambah nasi’ (add rice) for the first time in her life..(a bit exagerating huh?)..The Fah Teau taste is light so it will lingers in your mouth for just a while..Nice..


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