Home Made Thai Style Dory Fish With Rice

    Blog Reader: Wah, looks yummy!! From which eateries one arrrhh??
    KampungboyCitygal: Oooo hahaha..It’s homemade one larrrrr.. Cyberia Condo loor.. You come we belanja!

    Third day of study week..We decided to cook our own dinner..It turns out to be a piece of art..Enjoy the picture~!


    Home Made Fish N Chip With Rice

    Pour in generous amount of Mae Nam Thai Chilli Sauce – Taa Dahhh We are proudly to present: Thai Style Dory Fish With Rice

    Close up view

    Vertical / Horizontal View??

    First, we marinated the dory fish (RM6.90 from carrefour) with pinch of salt and pepper. Then we crunch the HupSeng cream crackers (No money buy bread crumbs ma~!) and set it aside. Let the Dory fishy swim in the sea of egg, then cover the fishy with lots n lots of HupSeng crumbs. Deep fried it then its ready to serve~!

    Sidelines: A bowl of white rice (Or ur choice of staple food), sunny side up/mata kerbau, kids need some greens so we add on some brocolis and french beans.

    Last but not least : Mae Nam Thai CHilli Sauce


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