Baking Is Soooooo Fun!


I have to confess that I’m neither an avid or PRO baker like other food bloggers. Since most food bloggers can bake and cook well, the kiasu-ness inside urged me to start doing something. So, I got this egg tart recipe from Jo’s Deli and Bakery and guess what, it taste great! Applause to me! It just gives me more confidence in the baking arena!

Notes:To avoid the egg filling to dampen the pastry, lightly prick some holes on the pastry and brush a layer of egg white before pouring in the egg filling.
I like my egg filling with some gingerly taste. So i squeezed in 2 tbsp of ginger juice into my mixture.

Haha..Another attempt..Its Strawberry Cake as i add in some fresh strawberry cubes into my cake mixture.

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  1. ngyahloon says:

    Looks pretty good for someone who doesnt really like cooking…


  2. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Thanks..Paiseh dee :p


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