Asia Cafe SS15

    Ten ten, aylwin, suyen and me went to Summit for our first movie of the year : King Kong. We managed to catch our quick dinner at the bamboo mee and rice house before the show. Claypot lou shu fan is nice, but its another way round for Fry lou shu fun. Tenten’s Fry dong fun came in a teeny weeny portion which means supper after the show! Haha, back to King Kong, story line SO-SO but the special effects is spectacular. Just stop camparing it with the 70’s KingKong because it’s a classic.

    After the show, supper at Asia Cafe SS15! Its located around Inti and Taylor’s. A good place for “sight seeing” as there’s a lot of college chun chicks around. Too bad kampung boy wasn’t here..=p Asia Cafe is not really ASIA as there’s western food and mediterranean food around. You’ll be spoiled by the varieties of food so i’m pretty sure that this will not be my only visit.

    Gyoza or Guo Tie with some sambal dippings instead of vinegar – Uncle is stingy with the minced pork haha(RM4 for 7)

    Fried abalone mushroom – Crunchy outside and Soft inside (RM4)

    Kueh Teow Soup (RM3)

    Jumbo size fruit juice: Ambra with sour plum (RM4.40) Limau with sour plum (RM3.80)

    Next time i shall try the stir fry lala and ikan pari bakar….Slurp slurp


    • chinkuang says:

      haha continue discover …..aiya reading ur blog make me hungry dy ….food food food my favorite 😛

    • Xweing says:

      Wow… nice blog here!

      Can pergi cari makan using ur blog as a guide d.. hahaha 😛

      somemore so rich.. go eat TGI Friday’s.. aiyo.. young ppl nowadays..

      But.. Nice title!! Kampungboycitygal.. keep it up! 😉

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